The Travellers recently spoke with IN+SIGHTS GREECE about the places they believe other twosomes from around the world would also appreciate and admire!

Greece is a dream destination for couples looking to explore a country offering magical scenery, amazing outdoor activities, as well as magnificent archaeological sites, cultural attractions and gastronomical delights- making it the ultimate travel experience with a partner.

Local lovebirds George and Julie from Ioannina in Northern Greece, who are the creators of the website, explore Greece all year round and share their wonderful adventures together on their popular blog.

What makes Greece a great place for couples to visit?

Greece is a paradise for every traveller and that’s not an exaggeration. For nature lovers, there are endless mountains, forests and rivers with incredible beauty. For those who love the sea and the Greek summer, Greece has about 6000 islands and picturesque spots. What definitely makes Greece a unique destination compared to other countries is the hospitality and simplicity of the locals, but also of course the unique traditions and history of each place.

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